Friday, May 25, 2007

Welcome To Curry Bytes

Dear friends,

A family of excellent cooks is probably nothing new to rave about. But what if they are hearty food lovers whose conversation centers around foods and extends beyond cooking. Well that’s who I am.

My memories of childhood have always been interspersed with interesting discussions, and stories about food. Our summer vacation travel itineraries were etched with foods to try than the places to visit. Well of course, I am not saying all stories of food were good. Discontented tumblers of milk, ooey-gooey green stuff in your lunch box and innumerous reminders from the grown ups of the good things about eating rice- are not the ones that I fondly remember. But then, the steaming plates of idlis, red hot curries blended with sweet smell of love are of course worth remembering. Although my appetite for good and interesting food have grown over the years making me horizontally challenged, I have always disliked spending several hours in the hot kitchen. Every meal in our table was a potpourri of flavors that usually needs many hours of preparation in special pots and pans. Each one of us have favorites, but we all come back to our roots of Indian flavors. Indian cooking can be simple and complex, but the end product have always been exotic. Henceforth the engineer in me tries to break down every recipe into simple steps of methods/procedures ensuring an interesting cooking and eating experience. So dear readers, this is a gateway to the simple world of my stories and my computational cuisine. Some stories are my mine, some I heard from others. Some are funny, some are sad. But everything connects to food. So, leave the chaos and complexities. Welcome to Curry Bytes!

Simplistically yours,

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Sankara said...

The tangy peanut snax mix looks ideal to have over a couple of beers. Reminds of the olden days back home.