Sunday, July 15, 2007

The Ten-Ten (1010) Series

1010 - a representation of number '10' in base 2 number system

I have always been fascinated with numbers. No, I am not a mathematics genius. But truth be told, numbers are omnipresent – in our conversations (“she is the number one in the world”), refrigerator (1/2 lb of potatoes), bills (well, that’s pretty much explanatory), prayers (“The one and only” ) and so on. I guess that our nature to quantify the world rather than focusing on quality is perhaps the rationale behind our obsession with numbers.

Recently, I read in a psychiatric journal that one’s favorite number can explain their persona. Sounds interesting!. Well then- I decided to try this on my 2 year old – the budding new generation engulfed in a world of internet, computers and soon to be outdated TV. Now you might wonder, why her? Why not me?. I pretty much know about myself. Nothing new to be discovered there. So I asked her. “Well sweety, could you tell amma which number you like the most from this book of numbers”. She gave me an irritated quizzical look for breaking concentration from her artistic endeavors - ‘building Lego architecture’ – Here we go again, why can’t she apply this mumbo jumbo on dad. With a half smile, she chose numbers 1 and 0 and back to her world of potential dwellers (a monkey, a dog, Minnie mouse and another dog) in her newly built house. OMG…They didn’t say anything about two numbers in the journal. It is better to accept her answer than reason with a toddler. Hmm…,numbers 1 and 0 or 0 and 1 or 10. Undoubtedly this started my neurons working a bit. 10 is a fascinating number – a combination of 1 for everything and 0 for nothing, a perfect equilibrium. More information on 10 can be found here.

10 has become my favorite number too after this experiment. So dear friends, this is a series of 10 things I would like to do. Hey, wait a sec, Did she really mean 10? Or was she playing me to leave her in peace?

Simplistically yours,

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